HBVA has a long history, going back over 30 years. It has always worked in the interests of the community as a whole and has a strong record of achievement. Earlier committees worked hard to provide the village with facilities (such as the fireshed and meeting hall), and to protect the village environment.

After a brief period in 2015 when the association stopped functioning, HBVA was reformed with a new constitution.  This defined the objectives of the association as:

(a) to foster and promote the interests of the Hyams Beach community, and       

(b) to represent Hyams Beach in dealings with Shoalhaven City Council and other organisations and institutions

In keeping with the second objective, the association restored its status as a Community Consultative Body (CCB) which gives it a stronger relationship with Shoalhaven Council.

The new constitution also changed the basis of membership of the association. Now everyone who owns property or is the spouse or partner of an owner, resides permanently in the village or has a business in the village is entitled to membership. There is no membership fee. If you would like to join, please send an email to the Secretary via the Contact Us page

Since 2015 the main work of the association has been to work with Council on improving traffic management during the peak season. This included getting funding for a new footpath from the café to the Seamans Beach carpark. We have also begun negotiations to have the fireshed restored to the village as a community hall. (We currently have to hold general meetings in Erowal Bay.) Our other major current activity is the creation of a strategic plan for Hyams Beach which will lay out the priorities for Council’s actions in the village. Please click on Strategic Plan for more details, including how you can become involved.

HBVA holds up to six general meetings a year, always on Saturdays to enable part-time residents to attend. Committee meetings take place frequently and are open to all members to observe and participate.