Controlling Indian Myna Birds

"You can have native birds or Indian Mynas - but not both"
(Ian Fraser, local naturalist and 2006 Winner Australian Natural History Medallion)

Jenny Rutherford attended a meeting at Shoalhaven Council to hear a talk regarding the eradication of Indian Myna birds.

As we have only a small number of myna birds in the village, there is no doubt that, with the concerted efforts of a small number of volunteers, Hyams Beach could be free of these aggressive pests.  If the myna bird families that have already settled in the village are allowed to continue to breed unchecked, they will, in time, decimate our native bird populations.

Jenny has kindly volunteered to co-ordinate such a project and would welcome expressions of interest from anyone willing to be involved.  You can contact Jenny via Contact Us or email HBVA (

This pamphlet was prepared by the Canberra Indian Myna Action Group Inc. and explains why this bird is bad news for Australia’s native birds – and small mammals.  The pamphlet also lists things you can do around your house to help prevent the spread of myna birds.

Mynah Bird Flyer

Please report mynah bird sightings to Jenny or Vicki (44433323) – trap is available to anyone having an issue with mynah birds