Planting to protect the most exposed dune at end of beach track below Lister Court

Bushcare: meets 2nd and 4th Mondays of every month for approximately 3 hours

Bushcare is a Council supported program designed to promote and implement ecologically sustainable management of the natural bushland areas within the Shoalhaven by encouraging community ownership of the natural environment and supporting community members becoming actively involved in group activities. For further information, please refer to the Council website:

The Hyams Beach bushcare group works in a small number of Council owned bushland areas within the village based on a three year Action Plan. This Plan is circulated to the community for comment prior to endorsement by Council. The current plan was agreed in 2015 and will be reviewed in 2018. The action plan is available online:

Bushcare is a great way to get to find out more about plants native to this area – and to help preserve the village’s bushland. Nothing too strenuous! If you would like to join, please contact Julienne McKay via the Contact Us page

Picking up rubbish - sadly, a regular activity
but planting with grandchildren is fun and instructive...