Welcome to the Hyams Beach website for residents, property owners and business owners... It is expected that the site will undergo continuing development for some time – including developments prompted by user feedback, which we would welcome.
This is your forum for keeping up-to-date with village activities and issues affecting the village...and for sending questions, suggestions and feedback to the HBVA/CCB Executive Committee via Contact Us.

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All information relating to the meetings of HVBA/CCB will be posted on the website – Notices of Meeting, Meeting Agendas and Minutes and matters, such as correspondence, arising from decisions of the meetings. The date and time of the next meeting is posted on this page.

Note: The Secretary will continue to send meeting information to all members via email, but will generally provide access to the relevant documents as links to the website. In many cases this will give members greater control over which documents are downloaded and when, and make it feasible (in this broadband-constrained village) to provide access to large documents.

If you are a resident (property owner or long term renter) or owner of a business based in the village, and are not in receipt of these emails, you can join the HBVA/CCB (please click on How to Join) and request to be added to the mailing list.

The Strategic Plan for Hyams Beach has been lodged with Council. Please click on Strategic Plan for details

Some Council documents sent to the HBVA/CCB that are likely to be of interest to members will be posted and you are invited to review and comment on those of particular interest to you via Contact Us. There is a steady flow of Council documents coming into the HBVA/CCB, but far too many to be routinely emailing them out to all members. To access these documents please click on News Many Council documents are also posted on the Council's website: https://www.shoalhaven.nsw.gov.au/